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Andrew and I really missed the memo.


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That Guy

We have a split foyer. When you walk in our front door, you’re met with two options: stairs down to the basement or up to the living areas. Because of this configuration, our entryway light is our constant companion.

He’s like that annoying guy at work that “just so happens” to take his lunch at the same time as you. No one’s a fan of “that guy” – the one who always seems to be hanging around. (See what I did there? “Hanging” around?)

I’m no fan of this guy, either. He’s big and brassy and obnoxious.

Of course, the replacement pendant that I drool over from Restoration Hardware…

…costs $1395. Sad face. Why must everything be so expensive and lovely?

I originally saved that picture to my “entryway” inspiration folder on July 23, 2011.

Fast-forward to this past Sunday. Scene: Katie wandering through the Lowe’s lighting department. I found not one, but TWO pendants that could potentially snap me out of my six-month-long, expensive-lighting-induced melancholy.

Introducing allen + roth’s Edison pendant light:

and their boringly-named “bronze pendant light”:

Edison’s $119, and Bronze is $169. Looking at them now, I’m thinking Edison might be best suited to a kitchen island or something, and at 12 inches, it also might not be big enough for our entryway, but this is my fantasy here, so I’m keeping it in the running as a contender.

No purchases yet, so if you happen across that RH pendant above for around 90% off, give me a holler. Otherwise, I’ll be sure to keep you abreast of any entryway lighting decisions as they happen.

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