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I have to admit to loving/hating Anthropologie.  Sometimes, I go in there, and I think, “Meh.  I don’t get it.”

But sometimes, I go in there, and I find something so stinking perfect.  The other day, I was trolling the sale section for nothing in particular (my favorite way to shop), and stumbled across some sweet little jewelry dishes.  A couple colors were marked down from $13.95 to $7.95, but the grayish-greenish ones were only $3.95.  Not only were they sort of the perfect color to go with the curtains in our bedroom, but they were rimmed in silver metallic paint.  Love a little glint.  I obvs brought one home.


It makes me happy.

On a side-note, I had to google “jewelry dish” to figure out what to call it, and my search returned this guy from Pottery Barn:

Isn’t he cute?  I’m really into birds lately.

This post is a little girly, but I promise Andrew will chime in any day now!


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Insanely Pre-Mature Storm Prep

In our last post, I mentioned the storm “prep” Andrew and I performed this weekend.  I think the hands-down most important precaution we took was to clean out the gutters to prevent rain from spilling over the sides and rushing right into our basement.

However, I failed to mention another super croosh (ahem, “crucial”) precaution we took to protect our house way back when Irene was still in diapers.  Flash back to spring, when it seemed like everyone in our neighborhood was having trees trimmed or removed from their front yards.  Andrew came in one day from talking with some of the other neighborhood guys, and he had this excited gleam in his eye when he told me that “Dan the Tree Man” was scheduled to come prune some of our trees.

Debbie Downer that I am, I mini-spazzed about this impulse purchase.  Tree services, I quickly found out, are not cheap.  But, fast forward to Sunday, and I’m glad we did it.  That monstrous tree in our front yard (I think it’s a Chinese Elm? Dan the Tree Man gave me the rundown of what’s going on out there, but I forgot) went from this:

to this:

sometime while I was at work.  Doesn’t she look like she can breath now?  I think in Tree-Man-speak, we “lifted her skirt.”  Scandalousity.  I’m pretty sure without having done any skirt-lifting, we would have had a LOT more clean up this weekend.  Probably nothing damaging, just more grunt work.

How about you guys?  Any investments that had to mature awhile before paying off dividends?  Is that metaphor too much of a stretch?  How would you spell “croosh”?

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… okay, more like “Tropical Storm” Irene around here, but we still got plenty of wind (gusts of up to 50 mph) and rain (between 3.6 and 4.6 inches).  Andrew and I tried to go to bed around 11:30 pm Saturday night, but gave up on that pretty quickly.  It’s hard to sleep when the wind is moaning and the rain is threatening to break right through your windows.

All things considered, a semi-restless night wasn’t a bad deal.  We woke up yesterday to lots of downed tree branches, but a miraculously small amount of water in the basement and electricity that never went out.  Score!  We feel extra lucky because we found out that the neighbors RIGHT across the street from our house lost power.

Here’s how we prepped early Saturday:

1. Cleaned out the gutters.

2. Relocated the trash and recycling bins under the deck.

3. Moved the Weber kettle to a more-sheltered corner at the porch and the house, where it would be mostly protected from the wind.

4. Took my potted herbs inside from the porch.

5. Moved our little bistro set of table and chairs from the front porch to the basement.

6. Folded the teak outdoor chairs and laid them flat so they wouldn’t blow around on the screened-in porch.

7. Put some candles and matches within easy reach.

And that was pretty much it.  We didn’t have any bottled water or non-perishables stockpiled.  We didn’t take out a bunch of cash from the ATM.  Next time, we’ll be more prepared, but, eh, it ended up working out fine.

Now.  Aftermath.  Here are some pics of what we woke up to:

front yard

side yard

tree next door

Looks pretty messy.  And it was.  But Andrew worked the better part of the afternoon into early evening to get it cleaned up.  I helped, too.  For a minute.  But it was all good because Andrew got reinforcements from three other guys in the nabe, and they brought a chainsaw and a cart hitch to haul away debris.  So the four of them tackled this:

Like this:

and by the end of the day, our yard was back to this:

There’s still a pile of leftover branches waiting to go through the wood chipper (along with that uprooted tree from next door).  The bigger logs were left on the side of the road with a “free firewood” sign and were gone in about 10 minutes.  So there you have it.  Storm prep and clean up from a couple of amateurs.

What was everyone else’s experience like?

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Hey guys!  Well, it was one year ago today that Andrew and I took up residence in our little house – as appropriate a time as any to start blogging, right?

The hope is to post semi-regular updates so you all can “drop in” on us and see what we’ve been up to (without having to pay for tolls, train tickets, or airfare).  So… yeah.  Here’s to year one and all it’s meant: being our own landlords, shifting our priorities, and slowly feathering our nest.

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Testing, testing…

Is this thing on?

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