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Sometimes days end differently than you expect them to, and I had one of those days on Sunday. I went to sleep in a totally different place than where I woke up; it was crazy. And obviously, this means I rearranged our bedroom.

Here are a couple of pictures of our bedroom from March 2011:

It hadn’t changed much at all since then, except we swapped out the floor lamp for a different one.

Hadn’t changed much… until Sunday, that is. We hadn’t been thinking about rearranging things in there at all, but I was standing in our bedroom, trying for the 17th time to come up with a solution for our one minuscule closet so that my clothes could move back in with Andrew’s. While we were in Boston last weekend, Bailey mentioned that one of her friends had used some Ikea wardrobes, which ended up looking really nice. So I was thinking about where in the bedroom we could put a wardrobe, and every placement seemed oh-so-wrong.

This floorplanner.com layout may help you visualize it:

I wouldn’t want to put a wardrobe in front of either window, of course, and I felt that swapping one in for the dressers would make it seem like there was a hulking nightclub bouncer crowding us as soon as we walked through the bedroom door. Didn’t seem that relaxing. Looking at this image, I guess it seems like we could put a wardrobe where our bench was and put the bench at the foot of the bed, but for some reason this floorplan LOOKS a lot more spacious than it FEELS, even though I double-checked my measurements. That is to say, the bench at the foot of the bed made that thoroughfare way too cramped. I know because I tried it once.

At this point, I was still standing in the bedroom, getting more frustrated about this whole clothing-storage dilemma, when I realized that we hadn’t ever really entertained the idea of the bed on a different wall. We had dismissed that idea on move-in day and never looked back.

Et voila.

The new floorplan:

I was even inspired to hang this mirror that I’ve had for at least a year:

Another angle:

When Andrew came in from doing leaves, he said it seemed like “it should have always been this way,” which of course, delighted me, but I think Widget is the biggest fan of the new furniture arrangement, because now he can hop on and off the bed at will, using the bench as a step-stool.

So the wardrobe, if and when we have one, would take the place of the Malm dresser that has the capiz mirror above it. I’m liking this idea; gotta cram more storage into this room somehow. Speaking of storage, did I mention that the bench is a STORAGE bench? It’s our teeny-tiny linen closet, where I keep the extra set of sheets for our bed. It’s from JCPenney. Oh, what the heck, here’s a whole source list to round out the post:

  • duvet cover and pillow shams: Restoration Hardware
  • duvet: Overstock.com
  • sheets and pillowcases: Macy’s (Lauren Ralph Lauren)
  • euro pillows: Macy’s (Martha Stewart)
  • bedskirt: Ralph Lauren outlet
  • bench: JCPenney
  • rug, dressers, nightstands, curtains, set of three flower pictures, black frame: Ikea
  • curtain hardware: Bed Bath & Beyond (I think!)
  • bedside lamps: Macy’s
  • capiz mirror: Homegoods
  • piggy bank: Target
  • ampersand: Restoration Hardware
  • silver flower pot and peace lily: gifts from neighbors
  • small silver jar with lid, floor lamp: gifts from my mom (found secondhand)
  • capiz frame: Marshall’s
  • decorative silver bowl: Macy’s (Michael Aram)
  • oil-rubbed bronze door hardware: Lowe’s

ONE more thing. I can’t resist sharing a vintage shot of this bedroom, from when we first moved in (aw).

Oh, Malm dressers. You’ve been with us through so much.


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I know, I know. It’s been awhile since we’ve posted, but we haven’t done much lately on the home front. Instead we’ve been relaxing some, cooking and grilling some, entertaining some, reading some, chillaxing in general.

Get this – I did get some iron-on hem tape for the living room curtains, so that’s a work-in-progress. One panel down, three to go!

Also, my little tomato plant has a fruit:

I tweaked our dining room arrangement a tad, and Andrew painted THE REST OF THE TRIM in there. Woot! The amount of untouched trim in this house is dwindling.

Little tweaks in here aside from the trim-painting include: hanging the blue painting of the couple in the field (a homemade gift from Tricia circa 2004), moving the bar cabinet over, and pulling two of the six chairs away from the table to make it feel less squanched (that’s a made-up word, btw). Oh, and putting into use some bottle stoppers we’ve had sitting in a drawer for the past two years.

I had about a week there were I went through some cleaning-out-junk-drawer insanity, and these stoppers either had to earn their keep or git. So that’s the story of how we became fancy people who use bottle stoppers.

Still to come in this room: gotta paint the walls (we are going to use the spare gallon of paint we already have, which matches the color in our bedroom and my “dressing room”) and gotta hang an actual curtain rod. Holy moly. It’s been almost two years. We really need to do that.

Sorry for the lighting in the photo above. I’m playing around with the settings on my camera; maybe one day photos on this blog will be of a consistent quality.

Aside from the two immediate (and by “immediate” I mean “at top of the list… whenever we happen to get to the list”) projects concerning paint and curtain hardware, I want to reupholster the chair seats and paint the hutch. We also are considering rotating the table 90 degrees (an idea my mom had), but don’t think that orientation will work until after we run hardwoods all the way into the adjoining kitchen.

Wow, I was looking for a picture to demonstrate the transition from hardwood to linoleum between the dining room and kitchen, and I came across this never-before-seen beaut:

So many things wrong with this picture! Hardwoods not yet refinished, permanent doormat mark along with the huge grate in the floor (um, neither of these issues have been addressed yet…), lacy curtains still on the door, yellow trim along the floor, black (broken) dishwasher not yet replaced, eagle-adorned switchplate over the counter… This is the type of picture I post that embarrasses Andrew.

Another recent development around here is that I have a self-imposed glow-box (TV, computer, iPad, cell phone) shut off time of 9:30, and I’m 15 minutes late for that, so I really gotta go now. The curfew doesn’t apply to talking on the phone though. Call me.

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Before Andrew and I were suburban starters, we were downtown dwellers. Baltimore has a bad rap – mostly deserved – but we enjoyed our time in Charm City. It was the first place we lived together, where we worked together, and where we got engaged. When we moved there, my aunt gave us her old street maps from when she and my uncle lived there.

I haven’t had much use for it because I always use the GPS on my phone, plus the maps are out-of-date, but when I pulled it out of a drawer I was cleaning out, I had a flash of inspiration. We’ve had an empty frame hanging on a wall in the office (Andrew’s “brag wall,” which I inflicted on him). So I pulled the map of downtown Baltimore, trimmed it to fit, and here we are:

Here it is amongst Andrew’s awards, etc:

The brag wall is kind of turning into “Andrew Cannarsa, this is your life…”

By the way, I don’t think I’ve shared my little office set up. I’m working from home now, so I had to rearrange this room and nix a lot of clutter to make it more functional.

This room also serves as our guest room. It was largely ignored for a very long time after we moved in, but we’re slowly working on it and coming up with plans to improve it. We 100% plan to paint it and get different curtains (and hang a real curtain rod over the desk). We’d also like to add an area rug. Beyond that, we’re still toying with ideas, like maybe replacing the twin-sized bed with a pullout couch and adding a TV. Who knows? Maybe I’ll clean out another drawer and get another stroke of genius.

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I think we’ve kept you guys waiting long enough. Time for some some bathroom “after” pics!

First though, let’s see what we were dealing with when we bought the house. Andrew dug up this picture from our appraiser.

Please pardon the quality, but you get the idea: oak-colored door, vanity, toilet seat, medicine cabinet. That chair rail that looks like wood – it wasn’t. It was some weird plastic fake stuff, and it trimmed the floor, too. Beige ceramic floor tile. Fly-fishing wallpaper. Plastic, impossible-to-clean shower surround. Brass accents (door knob, vanity and medicine cabinet hardware) mixed with chrome (shower door frame, sink faucet, shower head). Yikes.

The bathroom after “phase one,” also known as “okay, we need to figure out a way to live with this bathroom for now:”

Kinda boring, but we could live with it and we could not live with it.

Et voila, la toilette maintenant:

Sorry, something about it make me break into le francais. Anyway. Let’s dish. As you know, we added the tub, painted, tiled, tiled, and tiled some more. Since our last bathroom update, it’s all been downhill (by that I mean it got easier, not that everything started falling apart – thank goodness). Andrew’s dad came back one last time and did all our caulking, we wiped down our tile to get rid of the grout haze and then sealed the grout lines, the plumber returned to install our vanity and hook up all our fixtures, and we applied frosting film to the bottom half of the window for privacy. Despite the assurances of the Home Depot employee, I wasn’t totally sold on the level of privacy, but I made Andrew go outside one night while I was in there, and he said he couldn’t see me at all. Oh yeah, and we also had to rehang the mirror, the towel ring and rack, and the tension shower rod with new shower curtain.

Here’s another angle of the room to compare. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to snap every angle (or focus my camera apparently) for the true “before” before we started tearing it apart, but I’m sure you can use your imagination.

In other news, I finally figured out that I need to white balance my camera. Look at the difference. Not white balanced:

White balanced:

Which leads us to a discussion of our fixtures. Does that faucet look familiar at all? I’ll give you a hint: remember when we were having a hard time finding a faucet with cross handles that was not cheap and cheesy but also not $1,000+? (If not, review this post.) The high-end faucet that I fantasized about was this Kohler beaut:

At $1,072.25 MSP, this vibrant brushed nickel “Pinstripe Pure” faucet was kiiiind of a budget buster. But in shopping for bathroom fixtures, we learned two important lessons:

  1. brushed finishes cost about 30% more than polished, and
  2. list prices are a crock.

We spent nowhere near $1,000 by choosing polished chrome – we decided we preferred the sparkle anyway – and by driving a hard bargain. Well, not really. We’re not exactly seasoned negotiators, but we did manage to get some extra knocked off the purchase price (which was not near the list price anyway) at Ferguson by pointing out that Home Depot’s website had lower prices on the same products. Either way, we also spent nowhere near the list price of the polished chrome version (list price = $739.60!! ouch).

The sink faucet was the hard part. After we decided on that, we just added the matching shower head and tub faucet.

Close up of that delicious cross handle (complete with authentic water droplets).

Oh hey, and we got to shop for a shower curtain. Yay for accessories!

So there you have it. From fish to wish…come true. Ha! That reminds me. Should we swap out our sink for a little nostalgia?

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With most of the bathroom decisions behind us – the tile, the tub, the vanity, the finishes (we need to update you on all of these!) – we have just one big decision left. Paint!

On Saturday, we picked up a shower curtain at Bed Bath & Beyond (yes, after going to Home Depot, and yes, we felt like Will Ferrell in Old School), so now we’re trying to find a paint color to tie everything together. Andrew has said he likes the idea of green, and I kinda like blue, so I went to Ace Hardware today and grabbed a stack of paint chips.

Oh paint. So many options. Trying to narrow it down, I hung the new shower curtain on our towel rack and taped some chips to the wall above it.

I was feeling saucy, so I included the dark blues. Andrew wants to do something very pale – “almost white, with just a hint of green.” By the way, this is the opposite of the norm around here. I’m usually neutral-happy, and Andrew looks around every so often and says, “we GOTTA get some color in here.”

After about an hour, I was less saucy, so I took the dark blues away.

We’re still torn – Andrew on team green, me on team blue – but I think either of us could be swayed once we get some samples and paint some sizable squares. Of course, first we have to narrow it down to WHICH paint samples to spend our dwindling cash on!

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I previously mentioned that I was hanging new curtains in the living room. I finally got around to taking some pictures, so I’m giving you a peek. First though, let’s see what the window looked like when we bought the house:

And now:

This time, I took into account how far from each other I’d be mounting the brackets so I wouldn’t have a sad, saggy curtain rod like last time, and I’m happy with the way it all turned out. From a different angle:

Close-up of the panels (from Ikea, as previously seen here):

They’re a light greige with big, shiny white polka dots.

Just like most projects once they’re done, I can’t believe it took me so long to hang these bad boys! Next up, we’ll be painting the adjoining wall in the living room a greige that matches these curtain panels and painting all the trim semi-gloss white. Maybe someday soon after that we’ll be painting the brick fireplace, finally figuring out what to hang above the mantel, buying an area rug, and replacing our TV stand (which is starting to bow from the weight of the TV). Stay tuned!

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It’s Friday, so I wanted to share a couple of photos from our jaunt to Cali.

Venice at dusk:

Last weekend involved no travel; not for me, anyway. Andrew went to Philly for a while on Saturday while I bought some more spray paint at Home Depot, then worked on some curtain hardware. I may actually be getting the hang of it! It went better than my last attempt (here). While at the Deepe, I also picked up some paint chips. I’m working on the living room, y’all. …guess I just gave away the plans for this weekend.

Who’s doing something more glamorous than hanging curtains and buying paint? Anyone? Happy Friday!

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